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Dr. Robert Arnone

Dr Robert Arnone was born in Brooklyn, New York & raised on Long Island until 24 years of age.
His travels all in effort to best learn The Philosophy, Science & Art of Chiropractic Healing have taken him to St Louis, Atlanta & Chicago over the past two decades.

As a child he suffered from many abormal health conditions and signs that he simply thought would be unfixable because every doctor he had been to up to that point have given him pills but never really corrected anything and the problems still remained.

It was not until he first went to see an Upper Cervical Doctor, that he was finally shown his problem & began to have it fixed properly.
Within 4-6 months, problems that have dragged him down for many years were alleviating: no more breathing problems, or heart palpitations or motion sickness or severe allergies or headaches.

After that point he knew one thing for certain; he had to learn how to do for others what that doctor had done for him.

And so he has devoted his life to learning & caring for others in providing hope & possibility where there was none left to be found.
He has seen many people in "need of surgery", not need surgery any longer after following his recommendations.
Many of his patients have been to 20, 30, 40 or more doctors that were unable to help them and they were considered a "difficult case" before coming to Dr A, having the cause corrected and getting their life back.

People with severe depression & on multiple brain altering medications, told that they would be on them for the rest of their life, have gotten better to the point of getting of of the drugs and living normal happy healthy lives without them.

People with brain injury of various sorts and the many effects that can result have done very well, post-concussion syndrome, seizures, vertigo, visual disturbances, migraines, hearing loss, pain syndromes, movement disorders, poor mental health and others have flourished under this Upper Cervical Care.

Dr Arnone has 4 children which he has personally taken care of since birth.
3 out of the 4 children have had multiple severe concussion injuries and in each instance he was able to act swiftly & correct the injury to help restore proper brain function and in essence "bring them back to themselves again".

His main purpose is to help his children, his patients & even himself to live happy, healthy lives by sharing his gift of Upper Cervical Care with anyone who truly wants a better life.

Here are some facts that may enlighten you into how Dr A views The Upper Cervical Work, why it means everything to him and why he gets so jazzed up about it:

Your Brainstem is The Source of all body function, it must send continual transmission of impulses up to your brain in order for your brain to function properly.
It is also directly responsible for the autonomic (automatic) functions that take place continuously without your direction such as breathing, heart-rate, blood pressure, constriction & dilation of vessels; this is by far the single-most important part of your entire body.
Shouldn't there be someone trained and experienced to take care of this vital area?

This is why you want to call him today!

Dr Robert Arnone, Upper Cervical Doctor, "Brainstem Specialist" - At Your Service.

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